August Form is a small architecture and interior design firm based in the High Park neighbourhood of Toronto.  Established in 2011, we specialize in residential projects that  blend existing historical styles with contemporary interventions.  We aim to meet and exceed individual projects needs, seeking beautiful and proficient solutions to each design problems we face. Our distinctive client relationship is built from highly responsive client service and specialized design solutions. An interest in construction, fabrication of buildings and attention to detail, results in architecture that is continually uniting old and new with innovative design and detail resolution.


Ginger Sorbara |  B.Sc (Arch), B.E.S., M. Arch

Ginger Sorbara was born in a small artist community near Nelson, British Columbia and was raised outside Toronto where she attended the Toronto Waldorf School from Kindergarten through to Grade 13. Ginger was admitted into the exclusive PreArch program at McGill University in 1994 and received and undergraduate degree in architecture in 1998. Ginger received her Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Waterloo for her thesis Portraits of a Landscape and The Trouble with Eden, a work that examined architecture and photography of the suburban landscape.

Her architectural design practice is just one of the many ways she expresses her passion for making and creating beautiful things. An accomplished photographer and painter, her work has dealt with concepts of the abstract in the figurative, the phenomenal in the banal, and the beauty in the distressed. She has shown her work in several galleries around the city, and her artwork can be found in many private collections in Canada.


Timea Jakab | H.BAS, M.Arch

Timea has recently moved back to Toronto after studying and working abroad for the past ten years. She has lived and worked internationally in such cities as New York, Paris, Budapest, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. She recently completed her Masters degree at the University of Waterloo with her commended thesis, Stories of House and Fire.


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